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In the fall of 2015, the Richer Roulette  was introduced  in California at VALLEY VIEW Hotel & Casino located in San Diego county.  In fall 2017 at CHUKCHANSI GOLD  CASINO. In the spring of 2018 at SOBOBA Casino. In fall 2019 at TACHI Casino. In January 2020 at FANTASY SPRING. In January 2022 at SPOTLIGHT 29 and TORTOISE Casino.  


The Richer Roulette uses a three-cylinder wheel It is comprised of three rotating cylinders: 


The outer cylinder determines the winning outcome. 


The middle cylinder contains 38 alternating red and black pockets; 19 red and 19 black.  The pockets are not labeled with numbers. Instead, each contains one of 38 numbered "Tiles" with lift handles into the pockets;  1  through 36 and 0, 00. The numbered tiles are placed face down around the cylinder with the color matching the identifying color and number on the layout; exceptions: 0 and 00 are placed in either colored pocket.


The inner cylinder (the cone) is embossed with six icons; four Spades and two Hearts .  


To begin play the player places inside and/or outside bet(s) on the layout. Additionally, a Richer side bet(s) and/or Bonus bet(s) may be made. The numbers and 0/00 are imprinted on the betting area arranged in a “racetrack” fashion on the layout.  Once all bets have been made, the dealer spins the three rotating cylinders on the Richer Roulette wheel.  The cylinders are spun in opposite directions. Once their momentum has slowed they lock together and rotate in the same direction.  A marker on the outside cylinder lines up with the winning numbered tile .  The dealer exposes the numbered tile  and then settles the outside and inside bets. 


The Richer side bet wins when either the Spade or Heart lines up with the winning number.


Richer Side Bet and Bonus Pay-table


WINS when the Chosen Number lines up with the HEART ICON          300 for 1


WINS when the Chosen Number lines up with the SPADE ICON           100 for 1                        

WINS when the PURPLE ICON lines up with the winning number             7 to 1


WINS when the BLUE ICON lines up with the winning number                  7 to 1






CA. 92082



CA 93614


23333 Soboba Rd. San Jacinto, CA 92583


Tachi Palace Casino Resort

17225 Jersey Ave, Lemoore, CA 93245

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

84-245 Indio Springs Dr, Indio, CA 92203

Spotlight 29 Casino

46-200 Harrison Place

Coachella, CA 92236

Tortoise Rock Casino

73829 Baseline Road

Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Black Oak Casino Resort

19400 Tuolumne Rd Tuolumne, CA 95379 

Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino

1545 State Hwy 20  Nice, CA 95464 

Morongo Band of Mission Indians

49500 Seminole Drive Cabazon,CA 92230

Richer Roulette offers a unique variation to the traditional game of roulette.  Instead of a roulette ball a marker is used to indicate the winning number.  "38 numbered  tiles  is used with each having a number.  The numbered tiles match the numbers on the layout and are placed face down in corresponding pockets of the wheel.  Using this method, by excluding the ball and utilizing numbered tiles,   


To play bets are placed on the inside areas representing single or multiple numbers and/or the outside representing various combinations of numbers or colors. 

With this patent protected mechanics of three rotating cylinders, middle, inner and outer rings, situated on one spindle, we have developed a game that is capable of identifying a single pocket on one cylinder using a fixed marker on the other cylinder.  The game is further enhanced with a favorable side bet.


The zero and double zero numbered tiles are green and placed opposite one another and the numbered tiles 1 to 36 alternate between red, black and odd, even.


The cylinders are spun in opposite directions to create the random selection that is required to determine the winning tile placed face down in the pocket opposite the fixed marker.


During the spin the cylinders will lock together at a lower speed of revolution and commence rotating in the same direction.  At this time the fixed marker and the winning numbered tile in the pocket will be rotating together determining the outcome of the spin.  Once the winning outcome has been identified the dealer removes the numbered tile from the pocket, turns it face up and reveals the winning number.



  • A  game that conforms to California State Gaming Regulations.

  • 0, 00, and 000 configuration.

  • No special dealer training required.

  • Traditional style layout.

  • No electronics required.

  • Number matching with Icon side bet pays 300 for 1.


The simplicity of the roulette provides the advantage of making unique combinations of wagers on the outcome of every spin of the wheel.  The addition of the Richer Roulette side bet and Bonus will greatly enhance this experience!

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