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                                                    Be  Ready and Save THOUSANDS of Dollars

                        when the California Law Changes.


                                          Please watch the VIDEO below:

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San diego show.png
San diego show.png

                 RICHER ROULETTE
       Offers a unique variation
To the traditional Roulette Game

Richar Decals copy.png
Richar Decals copy.png

           GET RICHER !
Play the Richer Roulette Side Bet 
To win up to  
300 for 1 !


  1. In the fall of 2015 the revolutionary Richer roulette  was introduced in California at the Valley View Hotel & Casino located in San Diego county.  In fall 2017 at Chukchansi gold casino. In 2018 at Soboba Casino . In 2020 at Tachi casino in 2020 at Fantasy Spings Casino In January 2022 at Spotlight 29 and Tortoise Casino.

  2. Roulette is an innovative version of traditional roulette.  It satisfies California State Gaming Regulations while preserving the traditional layout and payout odds.  Its debut was very successful and it continues to add to its popularity.  Valley View players especially like the new side bet paying 300 for 1 odds. 


“On behalf of our Table Games team, we are extremely proud and privileged to be the first casino in California to launch Richer Roulette to the California Gaming public. For our team it is always about offering a first-class guest experience and this new version of the most exciting game on the casino floor is the perfect addition to our wide variety of casino offerings,”

Cory Weir Senior Table Games Manager at Valley View Casino & Hotel 

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